Upside Down House International Drive

When you make plans of touring the I-Drive, don’t forget to include a trip to WonderWorks’ upside down building. You will surely be enthralled to begin your trip to the works of wonder by visiting the upside down house. Many people often wonder seeing how this upside down house International Drive was designed to look like a mansion, which has been uprooted perhaps by a tornado and dumped on its head in the middle of the block.

To participate in the fun of Wonderworks, International Drive, you must be inverted as everything else inside the building will be upside-down. Your journey will start when you step foot inside the inversion tunnel, and get turned upside-down. Once your alignment is properly made, you can enjoy exploring 100 hands on, interactive exhibits.

This place remains open daily from 9:00 am till midnight. Prices, which are subject to sales tax, vary for children, senior citizens, and adults. The general admission fee which includes a visit to WonderWorks exhibits, one 4D Motion Ride, and one Ropes Course can be enjoyed by shelling out $19.99 (in case of children aged between 4 and 12 years, and seniors aged over 55 years), or $24.99 (in case of adults).

Among the various attractions of upside down house, International Drive, the most popular ones include the Inversion Tunnel, Disaster Zone, Space Zone, Light and Sound Zone, Bed of Nails, and Velocity Ball. While the Inversion Tunnel lets you defy gravity, enjoy the experiments and play with all the exhibits, the Disaster Zone takes you back in time to 1989 when San Francisco earthquake collapsed a freeway and stopped the World Series of baseball.

 If you want to experience 3D sound, head straight to the Light and Sound Zone. You can even play virtual air hockey, leave your shadow behind after striking a pose and do some other fun activities. Stepping inside the Space Zone will let you explore your way through the outer space, while stepping on Bed of Nails will teach you how 3,500 nails can lift you up without hurting your skin. Baseball enthusiasts are sure to have a great time with Velocity Ball of WonderWorks. These and many more exciting things await you, so visit the place to have a fun-filled time.