International Drive Restaurants

International Drive Restaurants

Going hungry in Orlando is an impossible task, more so if you are at the International Dive. There are several restaurants catering to all kinds of taste buds and budgets, from which you can take your pick. You can opt for a relaxed sit down meal or go for a buffet. If you want to try something different, there are plenty of themed restaurants to choose from. You may even turn to tried and tested steakhouses for your meals. Whatever be your choice, there is no dearth of options when it comes to International Drive restaurants.

The International Drive in Orlando is one of the few tourist areas, which offer tourists all options within a single region. True to the name of this region, restaurants here offer an international culinary experience for the tourists and visitors. What’s more, you can enjoy a delicate balance of culture and cuisine while dining at these restaurants. They can make a tourist feel at home with foods they are familiar with or encourage visitors to explore new tastes.

A major attraction of the I-Drive restaurants are the several arrays of breakfast buffets that you can choose from. To get a feel of how people in Orlando dine, start the day at one of these breakfast buffets and go on to enjoy lunch and dinner at one of the locally owned restaurants. The breakfast buffets charge a fraction of the a la carte rates and fill you up sufficiently enough for sightseeing.

Of all the restaurants, the steakhouses are without doubt the specialty of the region. Various steakhouses such as Jack’s Place, A Land Remembered and several others have been praised by critics and laymen alike. Their gourmet dishes are guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds of any steak fanatic. Steakhouses are what made International Drive gastronomically famous.

Seafood restaurants too abound in this region. No two seafood restaurants in Orlando are the same. Each has its own style of cooking and presentation. The dishes are representative of the theme and background of each restaurant and are prepared accordingly. The prices here are reasonable and the portions are guaranteed to fill you up and tickle your state buds.

Italian restaurants are another common sight in Orlando’s International Drive. From fresh pasta to delicious lasagnas, the Italian restaurants lining the street serve it all. Restaurants like Cala Bella, Ciao Italia Ristorante and Olive Garden serve up Tuscany delights made to perfection. The delicate subtle flavors of the food make sure that customers return over and over again. Anyone looking for a bit of authentic Italian meals should look no further than the International Drive restaurants.

The astonishing thing about these restaurants is their size. You will notice that most restaurants are housed in huge colorful buildings that have striking architectural features. Performances during dinner are de-rigueur and during dinner or lunch, you will find that actors are putting up spontaneous performances for the benefit of the guests.

No wonder that the dining experience in International Drive restaurants, Orlando is all about enjoying the delicacies and having fun.