International Drive Photos

International Drive Photos

A vacation at the International Drive is the quintessential American holiday. 33,000 hotels, several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, a renowned Convention Center, Walt Disney World, Sea World, malls, shopping centers and much more is open to visitors coming to the International Drive in Orlando. The splendor of I-Drive can hardly be described in words. The essence of the place is best captured by International Drive photos.

The International Drive snakes its way from north to south connecting various theme parks along the path. During daytime, the place is thronged by visitors who are busy enjoying themselves. Many photos taken on International Drive show these visitors on various rides and attraction at the theme parks, enjoying themselves with their family. Honeymooners, young couples and families with children can live it up at International Drive amusement parks and capture those moments on photos.

I-drive photo

I-Drive Photo

While the Disney complex is without doubt the largest crowd puller, Sea World has a huge fan following too. Given the warm weather in entire Florida, Wet N’ Wild is also chock-a-block on most days. The water slides and lazy river rides provide laidback relaxation and the thrill rides pack in a lot of adrenaline pumping fun. However, all these fun filled moments can be best savored for days to come via International Drive pictures.

Food and dining at the place is not just about filling your stomach. The dining experience has been elevated to an art form where customers can sit in large and colorful restaurants and sample a wide variety of dishes. Tourists in the area are often photographed by the famous breakfast buffets of the region. Even the locals can be seen standing in queue for a portion of the mouthwatering breakfast spreads at the restaurants located in the region. Steakhouses are another popular International Drive destination where people can go, enjoy a meal, and capture the memories in photos.

The best photo opportunities are perhaps presented by the theme restaurants. Apart from the décor of the places that are worth taking pictures of, most of these places put on shows for the patrons. The shows are enjoyed during the course of meals and a visit to any such place shows the customers busy clicking photos of the performers busy in their acts. Very often, the actors surprise visitors by starting impromptu shows without any word of warning. These shows are the most entertaining ones and the lure of such impromptu shows draw in the most crowds.

A ride on the International Drive trolley is a must for those visiting the place. You can use either route of the Red Line or Green Line Trolley, and reach exciting destinations located within the International Drive Resort Area. If you want to have plenty of photo opportunities as you pass by some of the most famous attractions situated on either side of the road, I-RIDE Trolley is your best bet.
Nighttime at the International Drive is a sight not to be missed. Brilliant colors light up the sky as all the malls and hotels come alive. Needless to say, a camera is the most needed.