SeaWorld International Drive

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Are you searching for the perfect family destination for summer? If yes, International Drive or I-Drive, Orlando is the answer to your vacation queries. International Drive is host to a number of entertainment outlets that attract hordes of visitors every day. Tourists and locals alike throng the area. The International drive of Orlando, Florida is the primary tourist attraction of the place. It is similar to the Las Vegas strip and is a busy tourist hub. The strip stretches for several miles with the boundaries extending at one end into the southern limits of Orlando and the other end into Orange County. There are several notable landmarks along this strip including hotels, water parks, theme parks, entertainment centers and of course, the SeaWorld of Orlando.

SeaWorld, International Drive, Orlando is a theme park based on sea life. It is conveniently located at the intersection of the Bee Line Expressway and Interstate 4. It is at a distance of ten minutes from downtown Orlando and takes fifteen minutes to reach from the airport in Orlando.

SeaWorld is open throughout the year and has provisions for extended hours during summers and other peak holiday seasons. This allows visitors a full day to enjoy all the shows and attractions that the park has to offer.

Visitors can enjoy a tour, which offers a behind-the-scenes look into what goes on at the SeaWorld. However, since such tour times aren’t listed on the park map, you can easily miss out on them once you are here. So, it would be wise to book online ahead of time, or get information from the tour desk located just inside the front gate.

Your tour to SeaWorld, International Drive can let the kids get up, close and personal with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, sting rays, and playful sea lions. At selected meal times throughout the day, you can even feed some of these animals by hand. However, you will need to check the day’s schedule, preferably sometime in the morning, so that you can get yourself a great spot at the water’s edge.

Huge aquariums at SeaWorld, International Drive, which showcase the wonderful life that abounds under the sea, are a big hit with the old and the young alike.  Kraken - the roller coaster, which provides a fun ride for the entire family, is another attraction that you shouldn’t miss.

Holidays are a time for special revelry at the SeaWorld. Special Christmas programs and tours are organized every year for some added celebration. SeaWorld also provides special educational programs such as camps, stay-overs and teacher’s programs, which enable children to observe marine life from a close range and study them.  A day at SeaWorld is educational and fun at the same time.

Sea World, International Drive, Orlando offers an entry to its guests into the varied mysteries of the sea. The park offers visitors a taste of underwater life through observing animals and animal shows with extraordinary performances. Special attractions such as deep sea diving, flying on Manta, a roller coaster ride, dolphin petting and getting to know about sharks and sea lions, draw in the maximum crowds. A trip to SeaWorld, Orlando is a memory to be cherished for life.