International Drive Map

International Drive Map

The International Drive situated in Orlando, Florida is the major tourist hub of that area. A stay at the I-Drive puts you firmly in the midst of the best attractions and theme parks of Orlando. To help you navigate this stretch of the land, an overview of the International Drive map comes in very handy.


International Drive in Orlando is located in the southwest of downtown Orlando. This strip of land stretches for an approximate distance of 14.5 miles. The northern part of the drive is situated within Orlando while the rest of it falls under the Orange County, which is still unincorporated. A newer stretch of drive which is called the International Drive South falls partly in the Osceola County too.

Driving down the International drive, you will find that the entire strip of land that runs from Sand Lake road to SR 536 in the southward direction and the parallel part that forms the part of Universal Boulevard  comprises of the downtown district of Orange County.

The entire international drive area can be split up into three distinct segments:

The Northern Section: The northern segment is comprised of several malls, tourist spots and the Universal Studios. The International Drive map will show you that the northern end of the drive ends in a cul-de-sac which houses the Prime Outlets International. There is a large number of Factory Outlets around the northern part of Orlando’s international drive. The most recognized of all these names is the Belz Factory Outlet Mall, which is now renamed as Festival Bay Mall. The international drive then runs south and southwest towards the various theme parks as well as Walt Disney World and Universal studios. This area is also famous for some of the finest traditional hotels. The landmark of the northern end of the international drive is the Sheraton Hotel.

The Central Section: The central part of the I-Drive is home to the Orlando Convention Center and the Sea World of Orlando. This stretch is parallel to I-4 in the southeast. From Canada Ave, this road begins near Carrier Drive and comes to an end at Sand Lake Road.

The Southern Section: The southern stretch of the I-Drive is newer compared to the rest of the area. It is recently developed with the best hotels, resorts and malls. The southern section is where you can find a diverse mix of people, both tourists as well as residents. The southern portion of the international drive is an interesting blend of the old as well as the new. One can find the best lodging, restaurant and entertainment options here. As for shopping, this area is a shopper’s dream come true. There are several plazas, mini-malls, standalone boutiques and shopping villages that cater to a person’s every shopping need.

A holiday in Orlando is incomplete without a visit to the International Drive. With our International Drive map, you can easily navigate through the area and take your pick of activity from the various options available at the place.

For more maps and information on the I-Ride Trolley - an inexpensive bus that travels along International Drive all day long - click on the link below.